The Campaign Dinner: Reason Number 4,338,274 Why I Will Never Buy The Mellie Rape Storyline As Anything But A Poorly Executed Ratings Stunt/Contrived Plot Device

This clip came up on my comment timeline today and the beginning scene at dinner sadly caused me to see red again at how the writers made a mockery not just of a serious subject, but honestly, even Mellie’s own character.

Mellie’s interaction with Big Jerry in this entire episode from Season 2 has always been a big glaring continuity flag for the now infamously toxic Mellie episode in Season 3, but seeing her apologize and literally scurry around after him just shows that they contradicted themselves even within their own episode.

Even in the midst of a horribly executed plot, some at least took some solace in the fact that  Mellie used the rape to make Big Jerry do what she wanted him to and “took back some of her power” (which I completely disagree with, but I’m going to ignore my opinion on that for the sake of argument).

In theory, if that had been the case, shouldn’t Big Jerry have been Mellie’s bitch and jumping through hoops for her the rest his natural born worthless life?  Oh no, they even took that little sliver - the woman who walked downstairs the morning after being horrifically attacked, stared her attacker in the face and made him do what she wanted eventually turned into the woman we see almost swooning over him a decade later. 

Some will try to defend that no one can judge how a rape victim should respond or react and that I agree with completely.  But I do not feel that is what happened in this case.  This is a television show where the writers made a bad attempt to re-write history and used a very sensitive subject to try to garner sympathy for a character they are concerned they have painted themselves into a corner with story-wise.  This was not about portraying the violence and aftermath of a horrific attack - it was about bad storyline decisions by the writers who tried to create a scenario without realizing or respecting our intelligence enough as the audience to know we would see the major holes this created.

If they had planned for this to be the backstory all along - which we know they didn’t - they would have made some attempt to show us something perhaps in another flashback or exposition discussion earlier episodes to try to make this at least somewhat within the realm of believability.

And don’t even get me started on the “Who’s The Daddy” breadcrumb they left out there.  I can only hope the amount of negative feedback they received will give them pause to let that one die like the Russians who escaped in the woods on The Sopranos.

Sorry for the random rant, but hey - it happens…