Back in the present, Mellie is fuming over the president’s absence during a scheduled play date with their baby. Where is Fitz? Having a secret parking-garage meeting with Rowan. The president puts his career on the line to assure Olivia’s safety (little does he know, he’s asking her own father not to kill her). “Do you understand?” he asks, to which Rowan eerily responds, “How you could put one woman above everything? No, I can never understand that.”

EW Recap of Scandal Episode 307 Deleted Scene?

I’ve gotten several messages since Friday about this scene that is included in the recap of “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”.  I don’t recall it airing live, but it appears to have been in the advance screeners that went to the media.

Honestly, I refuse to go back and watch this episode again to confirm it wasn’t in the aired version, but I’ll post it since it is an interesting scene between Rowan and Fitz.  I’m sure the Scandalgraphic memories of the fandom will clarify whether it aired live or not.

Apparently Papa Pope really does have just 99 problems.


Scandal Math: How Triangles Manifest in the Scandalverse


There are 3 basic types of triangles:

  • Equilateral - all sides are equal
  • Isosceles - two sides are equal
  • Scalene - no sides are equal

Now that we’ve refreshed our memories, let’s explore how triangles work in the Scandalverse as they relate to Olivia and Fitz.

Equilateral: the laws of math and the good lawd in heavin do not yet allow for equilateral triangles that involve Olivia and Fitz.  The writers spent two seasons defining and emphasizing that Olivia and Fitz are the real deal.  Add to that Tony and Kerry have sealed their romantic chemistry pretty tightly around Olivia and Fitz, and let’s be completely honest, no one is breaking through that to get even close to making a third party seem believable.  Circumstances around their relationship and happiness are very difficult, but if all external factors were removed, in their purest form, there is no chance for there to be a 3rd party to be involved equally. Cyrus occassionally can join the picture and create the phenomenon known as the “Faux Equal”, but that is still not a true equilateral - when you measure closely, he still doesn’t quite equal up to the other two sides.

Isosceles: this is really the only way a possible triangle works within the confines of the Scandalverse.  You have Olivia, Fitz and some poor little schmuck who is dumb enough to think they can slide in and make a run for one of them.  This is a highly unstable polygon with little hope for survival long-term.  Eventually, the laws of nature take over and Olivia and Fitz are drawn back together, breaking the poor little schmuck in half.  You basically end up with a tent for Olivia and Fitz to live in and then Fitz will chop up the rest of the broken poor little schmuck to make a fire for their dinner.

Billy Chambers submitted the attached illustration:


Errrr,  um, okay….moving on.

Mellie, Edison, poor dead Amanda Tanner and Joke have all provided some nights of warm fires for Olivia and Fitz, and the ones that are still alive all seem like eager beavers to sign up for more of the same if the occasion arises. Like I said, schmucks.

Scalene:  another temporary triangular state where no sides fit and things are just wonky in general.  This is usually a state that occurs when Olivia and Fitz are having one of their knockdown, drag out, I hate you, I love you periods.   Any random loser can join in on that crazy at their own risk.  Notably, this is another area where Cyrus will present himself.  He is a master at creating chaos and uneven angles - he thrives in it.  Also dark liquor is another contributing factor to Scalene triangles in the Scandalverse.  Fitz is a straight summabitch when he’s on the dark liquor.  Olivia has been know to make some bad decisions after a bottle of wine herself.  But hey, we all got problems.  One bonus to the Scalene state: the laws of nature do kick in intermittently and we get random sexual explosions in the wilderness and server closets.  Don’t stand too close cuz it’s dangerous, but they are fun to watch!

And thus ends today’s math lesson.  Triangles really don’t exist in the Scandalverse, at least not permanently.  So usually you still just end up with a tent for Olivia and Fitz and the fire of the broken souls burning outside. See the above illustration, but here is a less deranged summary.


Please review this material throughout the season.  There will be a test.

I don’t think Fitz is really threatened by Jake. I think he knows Olivia loves him. So as much as he is angry and resentful and would want to kill Jake, it doesn’t make him question Olivia’s love for him.

-Tony Goldwyn

Preach my white chocolate brotha- PREACH!

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