Sabia’s Response: Scandal Season 2 Finale - “White Hat’s Back On”

The Season is over and guess what?  We all survived!

Did I like this episode? - Mixed bag - some parts I LOVED, some parts I hated, some parts I’m “Eh Whatevs.”

Do I think Olitz is over?  Hell no! While I admit I didn’t like how they handled this latest break-up, I knew it would happen.  And I know they will get back together.  And break-up again.  Rinse and Repeat.

REAL TALK: Let’s be logical folks - you know who ABC is pimping out as the attraction for the show.  Olitz is a cash cow that lays golden eggs in it’s spare time.  Always remember it’s a show, but it’s also business/ratings/advertising.

So all-in-all, this was a strong episode.  The acting was brilliant as always, but I admit, I was disappointed in basically every aspect of the end of the finale (cuz parts of it were EXCEPTIONALLY corny) with the exception of Joke being put in the hole.  I did a symbolic happy dance on that scene.

That said -  I still love me some Scandal.  I love me some Olitz, some crazy Cyrus and Hollis.  I love Olivia Pope’s wardrobe.  I love the cast, crew, the dude who delivers FedEx packages to the studio - I love ‘em all. 

As in all relationships, you may love each other, but you don’t always have to like each other.  And let’s face facts, most of us are in a VERY serious relationship with this TV show.

It’s perfectly fine to not like an episode but still love the show. Embrace your anger, shake your fist emphatically and then let it go. 

As I say, find your zen.

Personally, I think I’ve processed the episode, accepted it and have moved on.   I’m okay with walking away from this season and taking a break. I plan to keep obsessively loving the show and blogging about whatever info we get over the hiatus.

Who’s ready for Season 3?

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