Monday Musings: Hollis to the Rescue?


How interesting would it be if Hollis is ultimately the one who reveals to Fitz that Olivia was the lone holdout in the election rigging scheme?   That Olivia was the only one who thought it was wrong and didn’t agree to it until the very last minute AFTER the death of Big Jerry.

Hollis is the only remaining person outside of Fitz’ core circle completely privy to how the scheme unfolded and who said/did what in agreeing to the plan. Ironically at this point, Hollis might be the only person Fitz might actually believe because he doesn’t have a dog in the hunt on that angle. 

Not that Fitz and Hollis would be having any heart-to-heart conversations, but there could be a scenario where Fitz and Hollis are forced into discussion for some reason or another [Hollis is still a powerful money player in the party regardless of how Fitz feels about him,] and Hollis unwittingly reveals how it all went down.  Or maybe not so unwittingly if he feels he owes Olivia related to however his daughter’s kidnapping turns out. [Dr. River Song says “Spoilers!”]

I’m not saying that this would fix things between Fitz and Olivia of course, but it would be an interesting turn if Hollis of all people was one of the keys to the truth being revealed to Fitz as to how things actually happened.

I enjoy Greg Henry in his recurring role as Hollis, he’s very much a poor-man’s JR Ewing, and I love characters that are just evil for evil’s sake.  They always add the wild card factor.