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Ummmmmm….. Katherine?

Katherine who? Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova does not exist to TO Elijah. They pretty much just retconned Elijah’s entire personality and history so that the mary sue Hayley could have a love interest. Pathetic.

Hayley is just as amazing of a character as Katherine in my opinion. And regardless, Elijah is talking about letting someone in. He loved and cared for Katherine, but he wasn’t stupid enough to trust her. You can’t truly have hope for happiness with someone unless you can trust them. With Hayley, he had hope.  

Co-sign - Elijah never trusted Katherine.  He loved her as much as he’s loved any of the women he’s been involved with over the years like crazy Celeste,  but he knew he couldn’t trust her.  Elijah is all about loving emotionally stunted people - he’s done it his whole life with Klaus.  Hayley, while damaged in her own way, Elijah does trust.  I think that’s what made her so different to him, she is probably the first person outside of his siblings he felt he could trust in a thousand years.  Elijah has spent eternity focused on keeping his family together and managing his lunatic emo brother.  The “I needed her” - speaks volumes.  He needed to a chance to fully love someone and have them love him back.  Hayley is his chance for that.

Off to bandage my feelz cuz I just popped open some stitches thinking about it.