Old School Radio Wendy Williams Showed and I am here for it!

Those interested in the Solange/Jay-Z drama should youtube Wendy Williams hot topics today.  She said what I know I’ve been thinking since I saw the video yesterday, Solange went off after seeing Jay-Z doing something inappropriate with another woman, as I suspect yet again, and just lost it.

Wendy’s story was that Solange got into something with Rachel Roy at the party just before the elevator brawl happened and Rachel has the “history” with Jay and Roc from way back in the day.  The thought being Jay may have had some flirty or WHATEVER going on that Solange saw and we already know Solange don’t play (craycray) so the elevator beatdown ensued.

This would also explain why Bey did very little to intervene.  I have always thought she was well aware of Jay-Z’s side activities and accepted it Juanita Jordan style.  Do your business, but keep it quiet and don’t make me look stupid.  While she may accept it, she also isn’t going to defend him when she knows what her sister most likely saw was true. 

It’s messed up, and all conjecture, but human nature tells you a sibling only goes off like that when their family has been hurt - and I don’t think Jay-Z has laid hands on Bey, but I do think he’s been cheating right an left from Day 1, and she has resigned herself to accept it.  Apparently Solange missed the memo on that part, or she just saw something that was so blatant that she couldn’t hold it in even if her sister accepts it.

I expect we’ll never hear anything else about this from Bey & Jay, maybe a vague, “families have issues” in some interview before the tour starts, so all we can do is guess.   That said, this makes the most sense to me personally.

It’s their lives and they can live it as they choose, but as public figures, when stuff like this happens, as celebrities they are subject to speculation.

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This would’ve been enough..

Regina will get her happy ending.  The moment will come [eventually after a LOT of drama] when she finally knows that Robin has chosen her.  Robin will struggle with his feelings for Marion, and Regina will struggle with reverting to her old ways.  It’s going to be ugly and sad until then, but that’s TV!


Liar: is someone who doesn’t tell the truth. A liar tells lies.

Gullible: naive and easily deceived or tricked  If you are gullible, the joke is on you because you are easily fooled.

It is thought that gullible might be derived from the verb gull, meaning “to swallow.” This would be a funny coincidence as gullible describes an overly trusting person who tends to swallow the stories he hears whole.

Isane:  very foolish, devoid of good sense or judgment

If it sounds like bullshit, looks like bullshit and comes from a repeatedly unreliable source and you continue to buy it - then it purely personal choice to believe in bullshit.