Outlander Returns April 2015

Watching Outlander fandom meltdown over the April return date.

And the threats to cancel Starz until it comes back? That’s so last decade- HBO and the Sopranos invented that process. It’s almost a badge of honor now.

Welcome to cable subscription TV scheduling folks. It’s not TV. It’s “We have a show good enough we know your ass will be back when we’re good and damn ready.”

You will be back. Sam Heughan’s ass alone will get that done.

Sorry (#notsorry) to be so flip, but meanwhile I happily wait 2 years for 3 episodes of Sherlock and thank them for being so quick about it. And that’s on PBS (by way of BBC).

11. Concha: USOC, Major Media End Hope Solo Silence While ESPN Dithers - http://www.mediaite.com

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Mediaite -

It’s now over three months since Hope Solo was arrested on domestic abuse charges. But in the wake of all the attention–and there’s been more than plenty–given to the NFL’s Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson (among others) and their respective suspensions, the Solo case is…

Is anyone surprised that Hope Solo gets a free pass? And on the USWNT no less. That’s a great way to represent America. I guess you don’t get called an evil thug for beating up your mother and nephew if you’re an attractive white woman? Domestic violence is domestic violence. Period. But I guess Nike and the US Soccer have some sort of sliding scale…..