What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead (AMC)

I know, some folks are into zombie/sci-fi/horror genres, and while I strongly carry the nerd gene to enjoy it thoroughly, I feel I can safely say this show is so NOT about the zombies as much as it is about the humans.

Who are “The Walking Dead”?  The zombies, or the surviving humans?  Watch the show and find out!  Seasons 1-3 are on Netflix and Season 4 should be available later this summer before the show returns for Season 5 in the fall on AMC.

It is WEIRD watching this season 1 trailer.  So much has changed - including Rick Grimes/Andrew Lincoln being all clean-shaven and hopeful.

Note - this show will give you great insight into how long you’d make it in a zombie apocalypse.  I have almost no functional skills that don’t involve electricity and running water.

What I’m Watching: Sherlock (BBC)

Cumberbatch.  Freeman.  Perfect.  I admit I’ve never been a major Holmes fan in any of it’s previous incarnations (Guy Ritchie movies were/are good, but less because of the Holmes part and more because of RDJ).

This series has had me hooked - I love it.  Be warned that each season is basically 3 mini-movies and they make you wait 2 years between them.

And Benedict Cumberbatch exemplifies the theory that smart can make you sexy.  It’s hard to explain The Cumberbatch Phenomenon unless you watch the show.

The first two seasons are on Netflix and the 3rd season aired earlier this year.  Expect Season 4 sometime before Halley’s Comet comes again.

Wet shirtless Momoa - last one I’ll post…. for now.

Also - a big shoutout to Tamara Tunie - she’s been around forever and works her ass off.  She filmed this in between her SVU scenes flying back and forth from NYC to Atlanta. 

Who else remembers her from As the World Turns when she was married to Duncan and they had that cute swirly baby back before swirly babies were cool?