RHOA Reunion aka WWE Smackdown


Let me just say this - you put a scepter or a megaphone or even a finger in my face, please be prepared for things to happen.  And I don’t mean good things.

Kenya was riding everyone tonight.  Tap dancing on the collective last nerve of everyone on that set as she usually does.  One of them finally snapped, and I for one am not sorry Porsha went in on that ass.

I don’t advocate violence, but sometimes people earn their ass whooping, and Kenya finally had to let her ass cash the checks her mouth has been writing for the past two seasons.

Porsha obviously isn’t going to get a MENSA card anytime soon, but I’m glad she finally stood up for herself, and actually seemed to have some info/gossip/intel to back up her accusations against Kenya on her shadiness about the African “rent-a-prince”. 

Kenya is apparently used to talking a lot of smack and getting away with it, but like all crazy people, eventually you will run up on the wrong one.  Well that night in Atlanta, she sho’ nuff did.

Porsha had her “Miss Celie” moment to Kenya’s “Mister” and went in on her ass.  I can see Miss Sophia over there now telling her, “he aint worf it”.

It also appears that Bravo is doing a pro-Porsha edit of the fallout - Andy looked like he was about to laugh in Kenya’s face while he weakly said he felt “terribly” about what happened as his back was turned leaving her.  Then he goes to Porsha and has an Oprah moment. 

If you ask me, Bravo knows that backing Kenya will put them on the wrong side of Ratchet History.  I think they picked Porsha to ride this one out with.  Or if Porsha does go, I suspect Kenya will too.  NeNe, Kandi and I suspect Phaedra tonight on WWHL have all be defending Porsha.

Again, I don’t condone the hitting.  But as Chris Rock said, “I ain’t saying [s]he should of done it.  But I understand.”  Everyone has their line in the sand.  Kenya crossed it and Porsha pulled her down like a tiger on a wilder beast.

What I’m Watching: Mad Men (The Final Season)

Joan, Don and Roger.  In that order.  I know everyone genuflects to Peggy, but she has had a bit too much whiny going on the past few seasons for my taste.

What I’m Watching: The Game

Yeah - Between Tasha Mack getting pregnant and Kelly coming back, I had to start keeping The Game in my peripheral again.

If you listen to foolishness you both look and become foolish.

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